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Olivia L. Brewer, MBS. MSc. LBS

I am a highly empathic, compassionate individual diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at 14. I did not want to acknowledge this neurodivergence and ignored this diagnosis for most of my life. As I began working with children on the autistic spectrum in 2012, I found myself in many of these children. I also found the school district's lack of support for GIFTED students. These districts would string parents along if they were unaware of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This sparked a fire within me to support these families and students to ensure that these educational needs were met.

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What began as a part-time idea to make extra money as a Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) became my passion in life. A passion for assisting others in discovering their abilities and giftings, seeing themselves as worthy, and assisting them with the understanding that they have a place in the world they reside in. I discovered that children and teenagers who present as "DIFFERENT" were ignored, discounted, and mistreated within school districts. 

Parents are beginning MORE frustrated and tired from running this "RAT RACE" as it pertains to getting their children educated and raising "SPIRITED" and "GIFTED" children. I also noticed that parents often do not know their children's rights and accept the information the school district gives without PROPER challenge. My additional goal is to support PARENTS in getting the support their children require in the educational system and to SUPPORT parents in becoming their BEST PARENTING SELVES. When you parent a CHILD, you PARENT YOURSELF. 


  • Temple University (2003-2006)

  • Strayer University (2009-2011)

  • Saint Joseph University (2014-2015)

Licensed Behavior Consultant (Pennsylvania) BH002772

  • Pennsylvania State University (2016-2017)

    • 1000 Practicum Hours

  • Arizona Educator ID: 6388292 (2023)

  • Certified Life Coach (2023)

Why my approach is different and why it works...

Parenting isn’t an easy job; I have compassion for parents' daily struggles. As much as your parenting challenges upset you, they are not insurmountable. When I work with clients, we often find our answers by adjusting your approach. How you talk to your kids, what they “get away with,” how you prioritize your life, resources, and even your personal relationships can interfere with the harmony in your home.

And truthfully, because I have an outside view, I can see more clearly, what is going on regarding the function of the behaviors happening in the home and school setting. Parents are often simply too close to their kids to see a way out. For me, that’s the magic of an outside intervention. I can appreciate your situation, find workable solutions, and coach you on how to get your life back on track quickly.


Our goal is to assist you in gaining more control of your environment and assisting you in getting the support you need in your family life.  


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