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Neurodiversity explained to children, THOSE 5 LETTER WORDS.

Neurodiversity is a term used to describe differences in how people's brains work. It means that everyone thinks, learns, and processes information differently and that these differences should be embraced and encouraged. Many children are labeled as Autistic, ADHD, ODD, and many other four-letter words.


“Despite what the words "attention deficit" imply, ADHD is not a deficit of attention, but rather a challenge of regulating it at will or on demand.”

They have no idea how to process this label, leaving them anytime confused and scared. They sometimes feel that they have done something wrong and need to "fix" themselves.

Here are some ways to explain neurodiversity to children:

  1. Talk about differences: Explain to your child that everyone is different and that these differences are what make us unique and special.

  2. Use examples: Use examples that your child can relate to, such as how some people are good at math while others are good at art.

  3. Emphasize strengths: Focus on the strengths of neurodivergent individuals and how these strengths can be used to contribute positively to society.

  4. Explain that neurodivergent individuals are not "disordered:" Help your child understand that being neurodivergent is not a disorder but a natural variation in how people's brains work.

  5. Encourage empathy: Encourage your child to be empathetic towards neurodivergent individuals and to understand that they may experience the world differently.

  6. Use age-appropriate language: Use language that your child can understand, and avoid using technical terms that may be confusing.

  7. Emphasize acceptance: Emphasize the importance of accepting and celebrating neurodiversity and how this can help create a more inclusive and diverse society.

Explaining neurodiversity to children can help them understand and appreciate differences in how people's brains work and can help promote empathy and acceptance toward neurodivergent individuals.

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